A Crockpot and a Tortilla Fell in Love (Crockpot Chicken)

Y'all I really went from Soul Food Sunday to Taco Tuesday in one meal prep. Let's get into it. 

So yummy

Did you know that you can cook a WHOLE chicken in a crockpot? 

Falling Off of the Bone!


  • Whole, uncooked chicken 
  • Seasoning of your choice:
    •  I used salt, red and black pepper, chilli powder, and  garlic.
  • Chicken broth or bouillon cube 
  • Carrots/potatoes (option 1: Soulfood Sundayl) 
  • Tortillas and taco toppings such as lettuce tomatoes, etc (option 2: Taco Tuesday) 


Crockpot Chicken

    I prefer to cook my whole chicken the night before so that when I wake up dinner is already prepared.

    Rub chicken allover with seasoning of your choice. See ingredient list above for my choices. 

    Fill 1/4 of crockpot with equal parts chicken broth and water. (You may also use a chicken bouillon cube)

    Add whole chicken and turn crockpot on low. 

    If you are feeling really fancy add cut up raw potatoes and carrots to crockpot as well to make a stew; Season the veggies with salt and pepper prior to adding.  

    Cook overnight (7 hours) 

    Soulfood Sunday: I served with a side of rice and steamed green beans. 

    Taco Tuesday: Shred the remaining chicken. Place in a tortilla and add toppings of your choice (I choose salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, and tomatoes. 

    I hope everyone had an amazing Cinco! 


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