Keeping Up With Skye

Who's Skye?

Hey y'all I'm Skye! I am a 90s baby, the youngest of seven siblings, a Sorority Sister ūüźė, and dog mommy to a¬†sassy pup named Honey Bun. I was born and raised in Louisiana.

I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Master's in Business Administration and work in Accounting. I love to cook (check out my cooking blog here)

In Winter of 2017 I packed up all of my lil belongings into my 98 Nissan Sentra (aka green Machine) and headed East towards a new chapter in Atlanta. 

In June 2018 I founded ServingLooksATL and built my website from scratch curating only the finest products that I could actually see myself buying.  

Each day I am growing my following on IG and learning more about all of you!. Follow me on IG here (@servinglooksatldotcom) where I uncover issues that plague minority communities and promote underrepresented businesses and  women in business daily!

I look forward to personally fulfilling all of your orders. I so appreciate all of the love that has been showed thus far! Happy Shopping!

Loving what you see & want to Donate to my business? 3 ways:

1.¬†Donate to ServingLooksATL Kiva loan¬†(completed - thank you friends !! ‚̧ԳŹ)

2. ServingLooksATL Go Fund Me

3. Paypal link

Donations will be used for operational expenses, equipment, advertising, promotional materials and more!

Skye, Founder of Serving Looks ATL, LLC