Intimate Rose VITEX

It’s time to get intimate - with @intimaterose 🌹 that is! I love how committed they are to empowering women and helping us to take control of our pelvic health and the conversations surrounding it. Speaking of which: 

I tried Intimate Rose's Vitex: Hormonal Balance Supplement to help with my PMS symptoms and it has been a life changer for me for cramping and fatigue! It has also helped women in all stages of life including fertility and menopause - It's time to get the word out! [ A D ] Vitex, also known as chasteberry, chaste berry, or chaste tree berry, is a plant commonly included in fertility supplements and hormonal balance supplements. Vitex helps to encourage hormonal harmony through the use of chasteberry, a natural way to support fertility and menstrual health. Even better it's vegeterian, Non-GMO, and 30% off at right now.

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