Fix Nail Snags With Orly + Tea bag

The theme for this year is all things including our nails 💅🏾. Now y'all know I'm a huge fan of press ons but currently I am letting my natural nails grow out. I ran across a hack on how to fix nail snags with tea ☕️ bags. Save this post to come back to when one of your nails is about to rip. Here’s the Tea:




-Step 1: Apply a coat of clear polish I used @orly 's Nail Defense (a Strengthening Protein Treatment

-Step 2: Cut a strip from a tea bag (either the size of your nail snag or your whole nail - up to you). I'm using a bag from some @yogiTea Detox team that I already have in my cabinet.

Step 3: Place tea bag strip across nail

Step 4: 2nd coat of clear polish.

Step 5: Buff nail. Strip will now be undetectable. . 

Step 6: Polish per usual. I'm using @kissproducts Gel strong polish in the shade "Red Red" - yes that's Red twice LOL

 Is anyone else on their natural nail journey?

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