B9 Wallet

I don't know about you but groceries have NOT really been 'grocery-ing' lately. Need more $$ for the food you actually want to eat? @b9wallet is a mobile banking app that helps small business content creators and foodies like me manage their earnings better. AND if you love cashback like I do they also offer up to 4% cashback (the only ones to do it) and their B9 Advance which helps members get up to 100% of their paycheck earlier. How it works:

Basic plan includes:
Unlimited cashback match
B9 Visa Debit Card with Up to 4% Cashback
No Fee Instant B9 Advances (up to $300)
No Fee ACH Transfers
Fee Instant Transfers to B9 Members

Go Premium for:
B9 Advance of up to 100% of your paycheck
Credit Report
Credit Score
Credit Score Simulator

Don't just take my work for it. Download the @b9wallet app to try for yourself: https://bnine.onelink.me/UUBN/servinglooksatl

Now where are we eating next with all that cash back?


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