Tiger K Cupbob

Tiger K Cupbob 🐯 is serving up Korean street-style eats in the coolest of spots in Duluth. As soon as you walk in you are greeted with the most majestic mural of tiger which was an awesome photo op! What I loved most about this restaurant is that each dish is individually prepared with love, reasonably priced, and came out fast!
You can expand your palate by trying a range of unique, Korean dishes without breaking the bank or the fuss of a super crowded restaurant.
Curious to know the name of these bites? Summer Tiger is one of the new drinks and has a fruity popsicle dipped in a bubbling soda. Hodku is a pancake and ice cream dessert featuring a miniature ice cream sandwich. Cupbob is a noodle dish and I tried the chicken and shrimp. Perfect to warm up on rainy day. Then was a round of tacos. You also have to try the burgers featuring Wagyu beef or fire chicken. If you are in the mood for sides be sure to check out the So Dduck So Dduck or Cheese Tonkatsu which comes with fried rice and 4 pieces of the most delicious fried cheese.You can also not go wrong with the Dak Kkochi which are skewers of chicken loaded with sauce like the fire or soy garlic sauce.
@ServingLooksATL for more unique bites.
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Features to look forward to at Tiger K Cupbob. Have these tasty bites delivered to your door. Just click the link in their bio.

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