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Restaurant Holmes is serving up unique small plates with local fresh ingredients, a seasonal menu, and craft beverages in the iconic "The Jones House" in Alpharetta. Per sign in 1914: " 'The Jones House', a craftsman style home was built for Will Jones and his wife May Jackson Jones at a cost of $515.00....In July, 2018, Restaurant Holmes opened in Jones House becoming the City Center's development's first tenant to open." I loved the sunny porch, the large floor to wall mural of the wolf, and the "keep the vibes" fluorescent neon sign which made the perfect photo op.
There was also an orange statue of Buddha that you can rub for good luck and an out-of-this-world "To Mars" panel art. One thing that was really cool were the ice cubes that were engraved with "Holmes".This would be a great spot for a cozy date night or family get-together.

What I tried at Restaurant Holmes. I had a cocktail called "Pretty in Pink" which had gin, bergamot, hibiscus, citrus, and bubbles. Then "Big Willy" poured up with bourbon, passionfruit, and citrus. Next, it was time for Staples (Appetizers) and I went with the brussels sprouts that had Korean barbecue sauce, creme fraiche, toasted seeds, and chives. The brussels sprouts were really yummy mixed with the Cacio e Pepe, handmade noodles, parmesan and cracked black pepper. Then was time for the Proper Entrees and I went for the Game Hen served with mushroom risotto and pan gravy. I also tried the Hanger Steak which was eight ounces and wood-grilled with a beer marinade paired with a carrot puree, broccolini, and crispy garlic.

@restaurantholmes : keeping the vibes!

Which one of these dishes would you try?

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