Emmy Squared Pizza: Local Favorite for Yummy Pizzas With Unique Toppings and an Iconic Square Shape

Emmy Squared Pizza: @emmysquaredpizza
🍑 1009 Marietta St NW | Atlanta, GA 30318

Emmy Squared Pizza🍕 has become my local favorite for yummy pizzas with unique toppings, an iconic square shape, and the fluffiest of doughs. They also have plant-based menu items like their meatballs and their cocktails are so good! Whether you build your own pizza or choose one of the classic recipes you can’t go wrong! Choose your own to get all your favorite toppings on one pizza! What I tried:

Pizza 1:

Banana pepper
Burrata cheese

Pizza 2
Roni Overload
Add: sausage

Cheesy Garlic Sticks
Crispy Chicken Crunchers

Spinach & asparagus
Huge hot chicken wedge

Red light/green light
Roland Schitt

When you go to @emmysquaredpizza let them know @ServingLooksATL sent you!

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

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