Dinner at 1920 Tavern

Dinner at 1920 Tavern was a mood! The speakeasy vibe, lipstick 💄 painted quotes on the walls lined with antique mirrors, and live music really made me feel like I was being transported to an earlier era 🚂 . My favorites at @1920_tavern :

Fried Cheesecake: Cinnamon, Sugar, Chocolate and Creme Fraiche

BONELESS SHORT RIB - Beef Short Rib, served with
Roasted Butternut Squash and Wild Mushroom
Risotto (subbed squash for chargrilled brussel sprouts)

14 oz NEW YORK STRIP - Served with Twice Baked
Potato and Broccolini, Topped with Shallot Cognac
Sauce, and Beer Battered Onion Ring - 3 (added Mac and cheese)

Smoked Old Fashioned

Strawberry Fields

Pink Starburst

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where are you celebrating for National Cocktail Day?

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