Self Care Day with Midol

You ever just woke up and just wasn't feeling it? Yep that's me today. I woke up last night with a headache/toothache combo. Did you know that you can use Midol on non-period days to knock out aches and pains? I did LOL. I took two and had the best night of sleep! Fast forward to this morning. Still not feeling 100% myself. So what to do? You guessed it: Sleep in. I allowed myself to restart my day to get back to my best self.

Next stop: Food. Chic Fil A is always the answer even when there isn't a problem. Large fries, chicken sandwich, and a Coke please. It's something about a Coca Cola to balance out drowsiness and give you that spark to take on today's tasks. 

Finally: A good show! I chose Firefly Lane and this show is so Messy OMG! Quick question: If your best friend's teenage daughter asked you to sign for her birth control would you?



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