Kitsch Hair Towel

Good morning gorgeous! 🥰 Quick question: did you choose self-care first this morning ☀️? I'm glad I found @mykitsch 's microfiber #hairtowel wrap 🧖🏾‍♀️ that is super absorbent yet gentle. The #Kitsch wrap cuts drying time in half, tames frizz, and reduces #hair breakage!

 It's also perfect for travel and comes in a #ecofriendly zip-top travel ✈️ pouch for storage on the go. I love that this #beauty company is #womanowned. I'll be getting the #mykitsch hair towel in every color. I just put the link in my bio!

Here's how to wrap your hair in 3 easy steps📝:
1. Flip head over letting hair fall toward the ground. Place towel with button at the nape of your neck.
2. Wrap towel around hair twisting tightly downward from your forehead.
3. Flip head up and fasten elastic loop to button at the back.

Then sip your favorite beverage, relax and "wrap" up your day 💕.

How do you spend your #selfcare days?

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