Drink Phocus

I get asked all of the time how do I have the energy to blog every day. My secret is starting my mornings with a little me time and @drinkphocus. With Phocus I’m able to focus and lock in on what is most important at the moment. Phocus sparkling water has a great, jitter-free caffeine boost to get me through my day as a content creator. Whether I am blogging, sending emails, or posting to my feeds the green tea caffeine with 0 calories, 0 sugars, and 75mg caffeine gives me me enough energy to power through it all. Phocus has been a good replacement for coffee, especially in the afternoon right before my next event. I found them on: https://www.drinkphocus.com/. Use my code: serviPH20 to purchase a case of Phocus ONLY $12. How do you usually start your days?

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