Bezon Chair Leg Covers

My top three things about this time of the year 1. Putting my tree up🌲, 2. watching sappy holiday movies 🎥, and 3. decorating my space so it feels magical ✨ when I walk through the door. For me, it's just something about reconfiguring furniture in a room that breathes new life into a space! I ran across these chair leg covers here on Amazon.

They have made switching it up so easy plus they protect the surface from scratches or scuffs and reduce noise while moving furniture. Find them on Instagram: @bezon.comfortzone. You can buy it on Amazon with 20% off, use my coupon "20SKYLAR20” go to Amazon and buy, get bonuses, give your opinions for that product. And if you are wondering how to install these check out my Stories. I will walk you through it. It is SO easy:


How often do you switch up your spaces?

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