Trading Places: Alliance Theatre

Trading places is now showing 🎥 at @alliancetheatre coca-cola stage through june 26! Get Tickets here. And is “A hilarious world-premiere musical pitting nature against nurture in a modern-day prince and the pauper story, inspired by the iconic film....When the lives of a poor street hustler and a privileged stockbroker are swapped as part of an elaborate bet between wealthy brothers, each is challenged in a way they never imagined. With the help of a charming and unlikely cast of characters, the pawns team up to take their revenge in a comedic and fitting turn that leaves them forever changed for the better. Set in the 80s decade of shoulder pads and big hair, and reimagined through today’s societal lens, audiences will walk out of the theater 'looking good, feeling good.'"

"Trading places is helmed by an exciting creative team including television and film writer thomas lennon (night at the museum, reno 911), musical writing team alan zachary & michael weiner (first date), and tony award-winning director, kenny leon (a soldier’s play, a raisin in the sun)."

Here are some quotes from the team: “I am so excited to come home with this world class cast and creative team and a new musical that I know will resonate and be embraced by the atlanta community. With trading places we’re exploring the idea of what would happen if we all traded places with someone else, even for a day, literally putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. It’s relevant; it’s uplifting; everyone will feel heard and represented. And you’re going to laugh, a lot! It’s the perfect play for right now.” – kenny leon, director

Description adapted from alliancetheatre.Com. For tickets and more info please click the link in bio of @alliancetheatre.


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