Supporting Local Restaurant 26 Thai Kitchen and Bar Via DoorDash. $7 off orders of $27 or more on DoorDash!

POV: Food Blogging, but at home 🏡! What do foodies on our off days? We order @DoorDash 🚗. I’m eating some yummy goodness from @26thai!

Shown: Massaman (chicken, add shrimp), Crab Cheese Rolls, and 27 Basil Fried Rice (Add: fried egg, potato, salmon).

Communities are empowered where DoorDash exists because every order on DoorDash helps Dashers achieve their goals, helps local businesses get more business, and helps consumers participate in the prosperity of their local communities. There is a neighborhood of good in every order.

Use my code SERVINGATL7XDD for $7 off orders of $27 or more on DoorDash (also works on the @caviar app!), terms apply.

What’s your favorite Thai dish? Have you tried 26 Thai before?

SAVE this video to take a break from dishes tonight!
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