Smoq’n Hot Grill: Corned Beef Cured in-house for 8 Days & Braised Gently for 5 Hours in Midtown Atl

moQ’n Hot Grill:  @smoqn_hot_grill  🍑 756 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308 (inside of @thecollectiveatcoda facing Spring St. with their own patio) Hey Atlanta, When was the last time that you had Corned Beef that was cured in-house for 8 days and braised gently for 5 hours?  SmQ’n Hot Grill delivers the best of NYC delis and Little Italy without having to leave the Peach State – resulting in one delicious, authentic twist.  You will taste the commitment to quality from beginning to end especially the smoked Southern specialties like the iconic house-smoked brisket, pork butt, and fresh turkey that is all made in-house.  Even the “Da Bird is Da Word” sandwich is made from fresh (never frozen) chicken breasts brined in buttermilk and cooked to order.    I love that SmoQ’n Hot Grill is preserving family traditions.  Their seasonal fruit cobblers are made from scratch using ONLY fresh, in-season fruit.  They laughed at the idea of ever using canned or frozen pie fillings.

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