Skitor's Boiling Pots

Skitor's Boiling Pots is serving up authentic, New Orleans Style Boiled Seafood right in Atlanta. This is a family-owned and operated business with the boiled seafood being served with love and care by Marine Core Veteran Brian Griffin (aka Skitor) and wife Keon. Skitor's Boiling Pots is available for catering, pop-up boils and events. Skitor’s Boiling Pots have had pop-ups boils in numerous locations including Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Slidell, and Atlanta alongside his loving wife, son, uncle-in-law, and more family members.


Some of the boiled items offered are: Shrimp, crab legs, blue crab, crawfish, turkey necks, corn, potatoes, sausage, Skitor's cabbage and so much more. All items are cooked to order and served hot and ready with no additional cooking time needed. Being a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana myself this is a Southern delicacy that I enjoyed very much. The crawfish and shrimp were so big and juicy and seasoned to perfection with an exclusive blend of cajun spices in boiling hot water right before your eyes. The line was literally wrapped around the building. They sell out super fast so be sure to arrive early. Some of the combos available were a two and five-pound crawfish plate, turkey neck plate, shrimp plate, and side of turkey necks. There was also a vegetable option that had corn, potatoes, and the famous Skitor's cabbage.


Be on the lookout for Skitor’s Crab Boil special seasoning mix on the shelves worldwide. Be sure to follow Skitor's Boiling Pots. to know where to find them next for your boiled seafood classics. Have you had an authentic New Orleans-style seafood boil before? If so what is your favorite item?

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