Private Dining at L'Thai Organic Cuisine

My private dining 🥘 experience at L'Thai Organic Cuisine was everything I needed and more 🤩! I enjoyed demonstrations of different Organic Thai cuisine. I was surprised to learn the different health benefits of Thai Cuisine like enhancing the immune system with Thai herbs 🌿 . Also many of the dishes are low carb which is GREAT for weight loss and maintenance! Some of the delicious Dishes 😋 I tried:

  • Veggie Rolls
  • Papaya salad
  • Massaman Curry
  • Fried Rice w/ shrimp

 I was even gifted my very own monogrammed chef’s apron and personalized cutting board.

Very special thanks to Thai Trade Miami 33126, Thai Select USA, and Thai Trade USA for inviting me and hosting such a wonderful and hands- on event!

 Have you tried Thai cuisine before? What was your favorite dish ?

🍑 Tag #ServingLooksATL if you go!

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