Mary Mac's Tea Room

Mary Mac's Team Room is serving up delicious, Southern comfort food with a side history in a very niche space. The restaurant was deemed Atlanta's Dining Room by the Georgia House of Representatives in House Resolution 477.
Mary Mac was first opened in 1945 by Mary MacKenzie, an icon, at a time when women opening restaurants was unheard of. The torch was then passed down to Margaret Lupo, then to John Ferrell and Hank Thompson, etc.

I love the food is ordered by handwriting your options. Fresh, daily bread is made on-site along with classics like the peach cobbler and bread pudding. The menu contains over thirty fresh vegetables and sides - my favorite dish was the fried green tomatoes.

I started with the bread basket that had yeast rolls and cornbread muffins. I went with the Southern special as my entree and it came with endless fried chicken, roast turkey, and roast pork. My sides were macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and okra. I ended with a peach cobbler as my dessert.

The Spirit of Mary Mac shines through in their welcoming staff who greets and takes you on a tour as you are led to your seats. The entrance is lined with photos of owners, politicians, celebrities, sports teams, and others who have all dined here. There are 6 dining rooms. I personally toured Ponce Room, Skyline Room, Myrtle Room, Ms. Ellen's Room, Ferrel Room, and Ferrel's Bar

I highly recommend Mary Mac's Tea Room for traditional, Sunday dinners and especially for those from out of town who want to take in a slice of history. Mary Mac's is also available for catering and private events.

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