Lunch at a mano

A mano is serving up some seriously tasty lunch 🍴 specials in Old Fourth Ward. They are known for delicious, traditional pasta dishes made in-house like their cacio e pepe and handcrafted cocktails like the smoked old-fashioned that is lit in front of you in the coziest of bistro atmospheres! I recommend a mano for a satisfying meal, a cozy date night, and to catch up with friends over an impressive beverage. This is one place that the neighborhood knows very well, frequents often, and feels more like family. The dishes are simple and timeless yet feel elevated at the same time.


Here is what I tried at a mano.

✨ I started with the salads and such. I choose the burrata which is a balsamic reduction, tomato jam, basil oil, and grilled sourdough. This was my first time trying a dish like this. It is a must-try and exploding with cheesy and saucy deliciousness.

✨ Next was pasta and such. I went with the spaghetti alfredo that had spaghetti, alfredo, and lemon. I added chicken for just $2. I am in love with this dish. The noodles are served more on the al dente which was a perfect carrier for the alfredo sauce.

✨ I also tried the Lamb Arancini of braised lamb, risotto, parmesan, herbs, breadcrumbs, and Pomodoro. The presentation of this dish was just the chef's kiss. For a pro tip try a little of the Lamb Arancini on top of the spaghetti alfredo. You will be back for more.

Features to look forward to at a mano:
Lunch specials are under $15 and $2 and $4 lunch desserts.
On Tuesdays find three exclusive bottles at half off.
Sunday block parties in collaboration with @biteofkorea
A mano lends a hand and Open Hand community initiatives.
Would you try the Lamb Arancini or spaghetti alfredo (or both)?
Save this post for a delicious lunch option!
@ServingLooksATL serving up fresh picks in the city! 🍑

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