Liqueurish: Atlanta's Rising Star in Delicious & Refreshing Mocktails. Woman-Owned By Aalia.

Liqueurish: Atlanta's Rising Star in Delicious & Refreshing Mocktails


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Atlanta, GA (February 21, 2024): Liqueurish, a rising star in Atlanta's beverage scene, is shaking things up with its unique and flavorful mocktails. Crafted with real ingredients and a touch of magic, these delightful drinks offer a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages.

More than just a drink, Liqueurish is a story of passion and resilience. Founded by Aalia, a talented artist and mama, Liqueurish was born from Aalia's desire to create healthy and flavorful alternatives after facing her own health challenges. Inspired by her artistic spirit and Eastern heritage, Aalia blends unique botanicals and adaptogens like reishi mushrooms to create mocktails that are not only bursting with flavor but also offer potential health benefits.

"I wanted to create drinks that were not only delicious but also mindful of health and well-being," says Aalia. "Liqueurish is a celebration of flavor, community, and the power of creativity."

Liqueurish offers a variety of enticing mocktails, from the refreshing strawberry daiquiri to the tropical pina colada. Each drink is meticulously crafted with high-quality ingredients and presented with an artistic flair.

Liqueurish is more than just a delicious drink; it's a movement. By choosing Liqueurish, consumers are not only indulging in a flavorful and healthy beverage, but also supporting a woman-owned business with a powerful and inspiring story.

To learn more about Liqueurish and explore their delightful selection of mocktails, visit their shop at link to shop on website: and follow them on Instagram:

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