Kimball International Hosted "Ignite Your Senses"

Kimball International hosted "Ignite Your Senses" an event on August 8 that demonstrated how multisensory environments can support individual well-being, spark creativity, and create unforgettable experiences at their new Regional Collaboration hub. Guests explored trends in art, design, and culinary experiences via a multi-sensory cocktail hour with fifteen hubs including my top three

@kimball_international hosted "Ignite Your Senses"

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● Rose Kiss - An unexpected yet delightful surprise that captured the power of spherification as I drank from the rose. The Rose Kiss was as delicious as it was aesthetically pleasing and had a crimson sphere bursting with lychee and vodka that I enjoyed very much.
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Color Bath - At this hub, I discovered a moment to reflect and disconnect by letting color and sound guide me inwards and replenished my senses. My favorite station was the red table called “Catch Me at the Cool Table” which featured color-coordinated interior design elements like swatches a color palette, spools of thread, and a book of affirmation.
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● Scrambled Eggs and Bacon - Don't be fooled, looks can be deceiving at this hub. We enjoyed a treat that looks like eggs and bacon on toast but was actually made of ice cream. This dessert tickled my taste buds and mind in the most delicious way!
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After the multi-sensory cocktail hour, guests gathered for a Keynote and Panel Discussion on "Creating Places to Belong Through the Senses". The panel consisted of:
● Ari Peralta - Neuroscientist and Sensory Designer. Harvard
University, mycoocoon, Arigami
● Chef Freddy Money - Culinary Director. Atlas and The Garden Room.
● Clint Zeagler - Program Manager. Wearable Computing Center of Georgia Institute of Technology.
● Tara Headley - Senior Designer. Interior Architects. The International Interior Design Association President
● Kaelynn Reid - Design Futurist. Kimball International
Damion Vanslyke Photography
Wondering how do invasive species, lucid dreaming, and the metaverse impact design? You'll need to listen to Alternative Design Podcast to find out! The Alternative Design podcast is all about design and the human experience.
I would love to give a warm welcome to Kimball International and Poppin onto the Atlanta scene and I look forward to attending many more event

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