Karv Kitchen

I carved out some time ⏰for @karvkitchen located just 10 minutes from Buckhead! I love a quick grab-and-go 🏃🏾‍♀️ spot, especially on busy weekends. They have fast-casual, Mediterranean food 🍴 that celebrates flavor and family traditions like the hearty braised collard greens 🥬.
With chef-inspired dishes like Braised lamb 🐑 shank and gourmet wraps, you can't go wrong

But truly, it was the Delicious hand-cut KARV fries 🍟 for me - the perfect balance of salt and crispiness (yet still soft on the inside 🤤 ) You HAVE to try them with the peri peri signature sauce!

I customized my meal by 1. Picking a base 2. Picking a protein and 3. Picking a flavor. I will be back.

- Pork Soulva: Marinated slow-roasted pork tossed in KARV spice blend and stacked over herb rice 🍚.Flavor: Manzo

- Braised Lamb 🐑 : KARV spiced lamb leg, braised & slow cooked for over 4 hours and wrapped in traditional pita bread. Flavor: Greko (comes wrapped in fries 🍟 . Yum!)

-Braised Collard Greens

-KARV Fries 🍟

-The Trio: Grilled Zea Ancient grain pita with roasted red pepper 🌶 feta, chopped salsa & spicy relish

…and if you want to get some KARV for the team try the Family Meals or catering. Thank you @sandypap and @kitsyrosepr for hosting! 💖

Would you try the bowl or the wrap??

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