Freschetta "I am the 91%" campaign

#FreschettaPartner I'm thrilled to take you on a flavorful journey with the Freschetta "I am the 91%" campaign. 🍕 Freschetta is a premium pizza brand that takes pizza personally—it's an art that must be done right. Their mission? A never-ending pursuit of pizza perfection. Their promise? Passion is their premium; they're obsessed with creating the best pizza, and you can taste their passion in every bite. Their vision? To show the world what it truly means to be premium. 🍕❤️


Am I speaking your language here? Because, hey, are you one of the 91% like me? According to a Data Essential study, 91% of people like pizza. And with the "I am the 91%" campaign, I want to hear your pizza stories! Share anything and everything about your pizza preferences, your pizza memories, or create fun content around pizza, finding creative ways to incorporate Freschetta into your pizza experiences. 🍕 Let's celebrate this iconic dish together and showcase what it means to be part of the 91% who cherish it. How will you customize yours? ❤️ #IAmThe91Percent

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