Fat Tuesday at Bayou 'Q

I found the FOOD 🦞 y'all! In the South, we have two major types of cookouts: crawfish boils and barbecues ♨️. I discovered where I can get both: at @bayouqroswell. I spent my Fat Tuesday at Bayou Q at their Mardi Gras 🎭event eating SIX, steaming hot pounds of my favorite food in the whole wide world: CRAWFISH and listening to live music 🎢 !

The decorations were so on point. I loved the alligator 🐊 that greets you at the door holding a sign that says "Bayou" They have AUTHENTIC Louisiana/Creole food AND BBQ. I felt like I was back home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana eating with my family. Bayou Q's Website describes themselves as "Where Bourbon Street 'meats' Canton Street!" and I could not agree more. It is all made in-house all the way down to the meat that is smoked on-site and the crawfish 🦞 that swims in a kiddie pool before being boiled to spicy deliciousness. I tried: ✨ Boiled Crawfish 🦞 ✨ Bayou Bang Shrimp 🦐 : Flash-fried shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy Sriracha and sweet thai chili aioli on crisp, fresh cabbage slaw ✨ Boudin Balls: Hot and spicy pork sausage blended with rice, green onion, fresh herbs, breaded and golden fried with a side of savory remoulade sauce. ✨ Sliced Brisket: Smoked by the pound ✨ Traditional, Roux-Based Gumbo πŸ₯˜ : Includes Andouille sausage and chicken. This is one restaurant, better yet experience, that you need to add to your list asap! Ask for Marcus. He is so kind and embodies the Southern Hospitality of State that we are both from Louisiana! Have you tried Louisiana/Creole food before? What's your favorite dish? Follow @ServingLooksATL πŸ‘ for the most delicious recaps and be sure to like and subscribe to my Youtube for more exclusive, extended footage (link πŸ”—in bio)

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