"Eyes Wide Shut, Mouths Wide Opened | Gather ' round ATL

"Eyes Wide Shut, Mouths Wide Opened" was one for the books! We walked in to the most romantic, candlelit setting Twisted Soul Cookhouse. Roses were on every table and at the bar.



We were greeted with blindfolds and @unclenearest signature cocktails then enjoyed the following 'hors d'oeuvres':

-Rabbit Pate' 

-Cornbread crusted scallop with bacon jam

-Roasted oysters


Blind fold Time! THYME

Starter: Fig and Thyme Biscuit

Soup: Truffled Celery Root Bisque


Blind fold Time! BEET POWDER

Fish: Beetroot Cured Halibut


Blind fold Time! BUMBLE BERRY

Savory: Microgreen Salad


Dessert: Layered Meringue & Chocolate Mousse


This event was apart of Gather 'round ATL A unique culinary weekend in Midtown Atlanta celebrating the diversity and culture of the south through food, drink, music and art.


Thank you so much Caren West PR for giving Serving Looks ATL Media credentials for the week!

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