Blue Moon Pizza Celebrating 20 Years of Culinary Excellence and Pizza Perfection


Celebrating 20 Years of Culinary Excellence: Blue Moon Pizza, Atlanta's Hidden Gem

Atlanta, GA – [9/28] – Blue Moon Pizza, the renowned pizzeria tucked away in the heart of Atlanta, is proudly celebrating two decades of delivering exceptional dining experiences. Since its inception in 2003, Blue Moon Pizza has become a beloved establishment, known for its dedication to culinary craft, top-notch service, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes every guest feel like family.

The cornerstone of Blue Moon Pizza's success lies in its commitment to quality. Using authentic, made-to-order ingredients, the restaurant has perfected the art of crafting delectable pizzas. One signature dish that has garnered rave reviews is the half-and-half pizza, where diners can indulge in two mouthwatering flavors in one delightful pie. On one side, the BBQ CHICKEN pizza features smoky BBQ sauce, seasoned chicken, green onions, and a touch of cayenne-candied bacon for that extra kick. On the other side, the MEATEOR is a carnivore's dream, boasting pizza sauce, house cheese blend, pepperoni, Italian sausage, seasoned ground beef, ham, and more of that irresistible cayenne-candied bacon.

But Blue Moon Pizza is not just about pizza; it's a culinary haven with a diverse menu to satisfy every palate. From greens to tantalizing pizzas, irresistible wings (with the Lemon Pepper flavor as a standout), hearty flatwiches & subwiches, a dedicated kids' menu, and decadent desserts, the options are endless. Those with dietary preferences will appreciate the wide selection of Gluten-Free choices.

Thirsty patrons will find their cravings met with an array of Specialty Drinks & Martinis that perfectly complement the meal. Additionally, Blue Moon Pizza offers tempting Lunch Specials, making it an ideal spot for a midday treat.

For those seeking refreshment, the restaurant is well-known for its signature "Blue Moon" with an orange slice – a must-try for any visitor. And for a limited time, guests can enjoy the Truly Hard Seltzer bucket deal, offering 5 for $19.

Blue Moon Pizza has mastered the art of turning everyday dining into something truly special. Whether you're a longtime regular or a first-time visitor, the experience promises to be memorable.

As part of their 20th-anniversary celebration, Blue Moon Pizza invites everyone to join in the festivities and indulge in a slice of their culinary magic. Visit Blue Moon Pizza at [Address], and let your taste buds embark on a journey of flavor and tradition.

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About Blue Moon Pizza:
Blue Moon Pizza is an iconic pizzeria in Atlanta, Georgia, with over 20 years of culinary expertise. Known for its dedication to quality, an extensive menu, and a warm, family-friendly atmosphere, Blue Moon Pizza has earned its reputation as a beloved dining destination in the heart of Atlanta. From handcrafted pizzas to flavorful wings, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Blue Moon Pizza. For more information, visit

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