Andy's Frozen Custard Unveils Exclusive Limited Edition Cookie Treats: Cookie Butter Crunch & Cookie Casanova


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Andy's Frozen Custard Unveils Exclusive Limited Edition Cookie Treats: Cookie Butter Crunch & Cookie Casanova

ATLANTA, GA – January 18, 2024 – Andy's Frozen Custard, a beloved destination for frozen delights and nostalgic experiences, is thrilled to announce the launch of two limited edition cookie treats – Cookie Butter Crunch and Cookie Casanova. Available now at all 110 locations nationwide, these delectable treats promise to transport customers to a world of childhood memories and endless summers.

Indulge in the magic of Andy's Frozen Custard, where every visit is a journey back to carefree days and the joy of savoring delicious treats. Step into Andy's and experience the sweet nostalgia in the air, blending seamlessly with the excitement of relishing their tasty offerings.

Cookie Butter Crunch Concrete:
Immerse yourself in a magical journey with the Cookie Butter Crunch Concrete. Featuring real Biscoff® Cookie Butter, crunchy Biscoff® crumbles, and the silkiest vanilla frozen custard, this treat goes beyond ordinary – each bite transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

Cookie Casanova Jackhammer & Sundae:
The highly anticipated return of the Cookie Casanova Sundae and Jackhammer awaits cookie enthusiasts. Enjoy vanilla frozen custard, paired with your choice of hot fudge or creme caramel, and warm, freshly baked cookies – a treat that turns your day into a sweet adventure!

Cookie Butter Crunch Pint:
Take the joy with you on the go with the Cookie Butter Crunch Pint. Crafted with vanilla frozen custard blended with Biscoff® Cookie Butter and crunchy Biscoff® crumbles, this pint ensures a burst of happiness in every spoonful. At Andy's, every treat is crafted fresh hourly, guaranteeing a delightful experience.

Join the Andy's adventure, where frozen custard dreams have been meticulously crafted since '86. Celebrating one year at Toco Hills in April 2024, Andy's has become a nationwide sensation with 110 spots across the country. More than just dessert, Andy's offers an experience that makes it fun to be a kid for a while, believing in the power of the perfect treat to brighten someone's day.

Celebrate with Andy's:
Which of these delectable treats from Andy's would you love to try first? Let us know in the comments! Save this post for future cravings or share it with someone who needs a sweet treat in their life!

Indulge your taste buds – head to your nearest Andy's ASAP to savor the magic of Cookie Butter Crunch Concrete, Cookie Casanova Jackhammer & Sundae, and the irresistible Cookie Butter Crunch Pint!

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Established in 1986, Andy's Frozen Custard has been a beacon of frozen delight, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and tasty treats. With 110 locations nationwide and a commitment to crafting fresh treats hourly, Andy's continues to make every moment a celebration of joy and sweetness.

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